Swiss Quality

Our focus is on providing professional expert advice and support to our industry partners, from start-ups to multinationals. We offer a broad spectrum of services and provide you with industry-leading technologies.



We inspire our customers with the development of industry-leading and innovative products, business models and new technologies that make your projects unique. Our interdisciplinary team improves existing products or works with you to develop new, creative ideas for the trends of tomorrow. Our experts in formulation development, scale-up processes, analytical method development and validation as well as packaging accompany your product from the initial development phases to the completion of process validation.


Our R&D team ensures that your idea grows from a vision into a robust, marketable product. A central element and a solid basis for your decisions is the feasibility study. Our success-oriented team allows you to master complex projects quickly and in a targeted manner. The feasibility study is a reality check that sets the course for your business model. Starting with a comprehensive analysis and the gathering of facts, we examine your business cases and appraise your vision and product idea with regard to every detail.

Product Management

We support you at each stage of product lifecycle management. A considerable amount of finesse and attention is required for the planning, control and optimisation of a company’s products and services from conception to market maturity. Ongoing innovation, the constant and careful analysis of customer needs and continuous process optimisation and improvements in products ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction for the achievement of your company goals.

Medropharm Icon Markenführung


We conceive brand management as a holistic process in which we offer you comprehensive consulting and help your brand to attract attention. Our concept combines methods and processes that are linked to brand management at all levels of the company. When a brand is solidly positioned, this movement is accompanied by an extended change process within the company. We accompany these change management processes in a targeted, active, strategically smart and effective manner to help your brand succeed.


Medropharm Extraction


Extraction is a crucial step on the way to a holistic, unique and high-quality product. We have precious know-how that allows us to extract the valuable ingredients contained in the pure plant material. A specific extraction cycle and process is selected for each medicinal plant, which takes into account the characteristics of the drug due to be extracted and precisely describes the extraction methods.


Thermosensitive plant substances are extracted from the medicinal plant by means of distillation separation processes so that undesired structural changes are avoided and the highest quality of the distillate is guaranteed. Our short-path distillation plants enable the gentle separation of substance mixtures by reducing the distillate residence time and the effects of high temperatures during the process to a minimum.



Understanding the safety and regulatory requirements of the food, cosmetics and dietary supplements industry can be a complex task. Our experts can help you navigate the scientific and regulatory requirements and support you in getting your products approved.


GACP Management

Quality requirements apply from the outset with the selection and characterisation of seeds and extend from the cultivation or wild collection of plants to their harvesting and subsequent processing and storage. We advise and support you with regard to implementation of GACP requirements and guidelines and issue GACP confirmations.

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