You don't need an infrastructure for the development and production of your products because we take care of this task. With our high-quality and broad basic formulations, we ensure rapid market entry, simplify the development phase and provide the resources for you to focus on marketing your products.

We design together, in an extremely flexible and reliable manner.

All our products have proven formulations and deliver what they promise. We develop and produce our products on the basis of natural ingredients, because we attach great importance to sustainability and a close relationship with nature. We always harmonise the synergies of active ingredients and blend them with any herbs, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals or other raw materials that are required for your product. Whether you want to develop a beverage, superfood, cosmetic line, dietary supplement or animal feed, our range provides a solid foundation for your own brand, for your success.

We cover a wide range of application areas and are also a competent partner when it comes to individual solutions. This means that if no basic formulations are available, we commission a manageable, cost-efficient and focused feasibility study so as to help an idea become reality.

In addition to the development of new formulations, we also offer a wide range of market-ready and finished products, known as white labels, which you can bring to market with even less effort.

Our long-standing specialists have a great deal of experience and will be happy to advise you on the choice of a suitable product solution for your target market.

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