We offer innovative concepts and high-quality solutions precisely tailored to the needs of your company and projects.

An internationally active company emerged over the last few years, inspired during the start-up phase and driven by the medicinal plant cannabis and the desire to help recover the latter for pharmaceutical use, together with a team of highly specialised employees, which now develops cutting-edge services for its customers using a variety of medicinal plants and exclusive raw materials.

True to the motto of questioning conventions, breaking and redefining rules so as to incorporate the insights gleaned into new visions and business models, we are now gradually conquering new markets at home and abroad.

Our expertise and core competence lies in the cultivation in line with good agricultural and collection practices (GACP) of cannabis and other medicinal plants, the production of high-quality, GMP-compliant extracts in pharmaceutical quality and the development of groundbreaking product solutions for the food, cosmetics, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries. We provide legal and regulatory support to companies and help them comprehensively with their market entry, the development of successful product portfolios, comprehensive marketing concepts and distribution solutions.

The focus is always on the vision of our customers and the creation of real and sustainable value for our partners. We develop together, support doers and push the boundaries of innovation every day so that you can reach the finishing line with your products and inspire.

With our innovative solutions, our aim is to successfully help improve general well-being, the health of animals and humans and heal and improve the quality of life in a way that is natural and gentle. Our goal is to supply the right raw materials and products, through strict production and quality control standards, for the right purpose, at the right time. We attach great importance to reproducible production processes and are committed to maintaining the highest standards at all stages of processing, i.e. during the cultivation of medicinal plants, processing and the production and development of the products. The careful selection of raw materials is essential and has a special significance at our company, because only a careful selection of medicinal plant and raw materials, gently processed by proven experts, is capable of guaranteeing a quality product, in particular its effectiveness. With this in mind, we provide our industrial customers and partners with a high-quality and standardised raw material capable of meeting all requirements. We are a reliable and indispensable industrial partner.

In order to secure your market position and stay one step ahead of our competitors, the ongoing technological development of our company is essential. Accordingly, we continuously invest in innovative and modern process flows. Our manufacturing and production processes are state of the art and in order to ensure that the absorption capacity of active ingredients is guaranteed in each case, we offer a wide range of applications and technologies that make your product idea a market leader.

In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we have comprehensively geared our structures towards innovation. Our multi-layered international alliances and partnerships promote our inventiveness and the flexibility of our company, making us fast and agile. Real progress is most likely to succeed when development teams are free to explore and explore multiple avenues and are able to look at problems from different perspectives. That is why we create a modern, open workplace for our employees, characterised by a high degree of freedom, so that top performance becomes possible.

We are proud to make an active contribution to the preservation of health and quality of life and look forward to working with you to realise your vision and bring it to the world.

Our focus is on professional advice and support for our industry partners, no matter their size, from start-ups to multinationals. In so doing, we address a broad spectrum of current topics in the healthcare sector.

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