More and more veterinarians are now rethinking the issue of natural animal nutrition because it is in veterinary practice that it becomes most apparent that improper nutrition can lead to serious illnesses.

In order to ensure that our products meet the relevant industry standards and the high demands of our customers, our raw materials are tested for quality throughout the production cycle. We also use a range of analytical procedures which we apply from the moment the raw materials are cultivated to the finished product. Our process technology enables reproducible process flows and hence consistent quality, all for the benefit of your pets.

We completely avoid the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides and instead rely on organic and ecologically sustainable agriculture to produce the best raw materials. Transparent work processes from cultivation to the end product thus provide the basis for high quality. In addition, all MedroVet products are tested and evaluated for quality by an independent analysis company in Switzerland.

We are a reliable partner for pet owners because as a manufacturer that thinks and acts holistically, MedroVet always has the needs of animals uppermost in its mind.

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