SOUTH AMERICA: Medropharm and FarmaUSA join forces and conquer the Brazilian market

Medropharm enters into an innovative partnership with cannabis pioneer FarmaUSA and conquers the Brazilian market. With passion and a shared commitment to maintaining health and alleviating suffering, we want to help patients realise their potential and regain their quality of life.

The pharmaceutical company FarmaUSA was founded in 2005 in the city of Irvine, California. Thanks to the company’s rapid growth and in view of the increasing need for pioneering medicines in Latin America, such as products containing cannabidiol, the group decided in 2013 to open a subsidiary in Brazil, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The joint expansion in the fast-growing South American market begins with the launch of pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid intramaterials and two cannabis tinctures, Medrosan Forte and Medrosan Extra, which will be marketed in the future in selected countries in the region.

Doctors and their patients in Brazil will be the first to have access to Medrosan, Medropharm’s product line, in the latter half of this year.

The Medropharm Group and FarmaUSA will work intensively together to ensure that every patient receives the treatment he or she needs at their doorstep. As a result, medical professionals nationwide will be educated and trained to facilitate knowledge of the medicinal plant cannabis and access to Medrosan products, simplify administrative procedures and remove hurdles to ensure successful and easy delivery to the patient.

The pharmaceutical company FarmaUSA already successfully meets the needs of many patients in Brazil and has a highly experienced network of doctors who use products containing cannabinoid in a targeted manner to improve people’s wellbeing and maintain their health. This means that the existing network can be expanded quickly thanks to an experienced core team.

Under the Medrosan brand, Medropharm will supply the following tinctures to Brazilian patients:

Medrosan Forte (CBD 75mg/ml – THC 9mg/ml)

The tincture is mainly used for pain and oncology patients because of its increased THC content. Medrosan Forte can be used concomitantly with chemotherapy and helps to relieve pain, providing support in fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease.

Medrosan Extra (CBG 50mg/ml – CBD 12.5mg/ml)

A new THC-free formula combining CBD and CBG, mainly used for relaxation and in sports medicine to reduce inflammatory processes. Medrosan Extra was developed specifically for the Brazilian market.

The goal of the Medrosan product line and the partnership with FarmaUSA is to introduce the highest quality standards in the Brazilian market to ease the lives of patients, doctors, caregivers and family members, relieve symptoms and enable a better quality of life.

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