Our research makes a valuable contribution to unlocking the therapeutic potential of medicinal plants and developing high-quality health products.



With innovation and expertise, we overcome the complex hurdles for our customers on the path from an idea to a finished product. Together, we create new trends and recipes, optimise consistency, develop new raw materials, research your product ideas and help your feasibility study on the way to the finishing line.


With our operational know-how, we increase the productivity and added value of your processes and products using innovative approaches. We operate several short path distillation and extraction plants on a laboratory, pilot and production scale and have made it our mission to establish the best as the standard.


From market analysis to the scaling-up process for a marketable product, we accompany you to ensure a safe transfer from laboratory scale to production development. Regulatory capabilities and the optimal choice of raw materials guarantee the marketability of your product at all times and are part of our core competencies.


At Medropharm, we are committed to improving the quality of life for people and animals. Here, we keep you up to date with everything that is developing at our company and at the forefront of health sciences.

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